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Citizens, Women & Men of the Year

2014 -  Women of the Year

Erin Roberts Orr

2014 -  Men of the Year



2013 -  Women of the Year

Esther Jackson

2013 -  Men of the Year

George Crews


2012 -  Women of the Year

Lisa Ferguson

2012 -  Men of the Year

Greg Thrasher


2011 -  Women of the Year

Nancy "Pinky" Gill

2011 -  Men of the Year

James Saracco


2010 -  Citizen of the Year

Dolly Amato Brophey
Nicolas Amato

2010 -  Women of the Year

Dolly Amato Brophey

2010 -  Men of the Year

Nicholas Amato



Randy Allmon
Marsha Eisenhart
Vickie McCombs


Connie Bauer
Tracy Drake
Diana Spencer


Paul Blevin
Penny Traina


Previous Award Winners

Bertha Reed Shepherd

Jim Shepherd

Dom D’Aurora

Phyllis Thrasher

Jim and Becky Russell

Jim Thrasher

Danny MacLean

Bill Roberts

Jerome Gitschier

Chuck Amato

Johnny Albaneso

Marjorie Dysert

Nunzio Lombardozzi

Tee Lu Corbisello

Dr. Janis Lauva

Don Lowe

Peter Russell

David Brookman



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